Blog Lutz Schneider Immobilienbewertung

Dann starten wir mal den Blog auf Lutz Schneider Immobilienbewertung…

Hello dear real estate enthusiasts!

I’ll start my blog today and here. Even if not everything is finished on the site – the basic things are done.

I will try to give a few lines on real estate topics here several times a week. About news from the field of „real estate valuation“, current developments on the real estate market and certainly one or the other critical perspective on the work of colleagues or the expert committees in Saxony.

A few topics have already „dammed up“ in the last few weeks. So stay tuned.

I would be very happy if from time to time someone would leave a comment. A few friends and colleagues have always offered to write a guest post.

With this in mind, I wish us a lively exchange!

Greetings from the expert desk


Lutz Schneider

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